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Product > Connecting systems pin spacing 5.0 and 10.0 mm > PLUGGABLE PC CONNECTORS TYPE GST 860 H
Pin Spacing 5.00 mm, 2 to 24way
Pin Spacing 10.00 mm, 2 to 12way
The GSK 860 system consists of headers (GST 860) that are firmly soldered to the printed circuit board, and plug-in connectors (GSK 860) the conductors are connected to. When plugging, two latching hooks protruding from the plug-in connector hook behind a locking strip on the header thus giving vibration-proof support to the unit.
When fitting the connectors, the required creepage and clearance distances between the soldering points at the printed circuit board are to be considered.

Horizontal Headers
After mounting of the headers, conductors have to be inserted from the front.

With and without Side Walls
In addition to the standard version with side walls (HG) for individual assembly, there are also headers without side walls available (HO) that can be interlocked without any loss in space.

Additional Fixing
Headers with catching ribs on both sides (HR) can be screwed down to the printed circuit board by means of a fastening block GSK 860 BF and screws M2.It is also possible to push latches GSK 860 RH into the catching ribs of headers HR that hook behind the plugged-in plug-in connectors so that additional support is provided.
With pin spacing 10.00 mm when every other pole is fitted only, voltage rating is 400 V. Upon request.
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Pin spacing 10.00 mm upon request.