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Product > Connectors pin spacing 5.0 and 10.0 mm > PRINTED CIRCUIT CONNECTORS TYPE GSK 840 V
Pin Spacing 5.00 and 10.00 mm, with Cable Cage Contacts,
2 and 3way, interlockable
Vertical Solder Pins
These connectors with cable cage contacts have got three important advantages: a large clamping space of up to 4 mm2 suitable for all kind of conductors, screw tightening torque is not directly transmitted to the solder pin, "Finger Safety Guard" to VDE and VBG.
After mounting of the connectors, conductors have to be inserted from the front.
When fitting the connectors, the required creepage and clearance distances between the soldering points at the printed circuit board are to be considered.
These 2 and 3way connectors can easily be interlocked to any required length. We are also in a position to supply completed units.
Up to six poles these connectors with pin spacings of 5.00 mm also fit hole distances of 5.08 mm.
With pin spacing 10.00 mm when every other pole is fitted only, voltage rating is 750 V.

These connectors can also be supplied with printing. Regular printing including 1 to ..., special printing upon request.

With and without bottom lid
Besides the standard version with bottom lid (V), type GSK 840 is also available without bottom lid (VO).

GSK 840 E V - Earthing Connectors 25 A:
2 and 3way connectors with bridged contacts to make earth connection according to EN 60 335 (two separate solder terminals). Quotation upon request.
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